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SSB. Callsign: GDWJ

The ship has a shortwave radio, and we'll practically always be able to reach radio stations ashore. However making phonecalls from the ship to shore is quite expensive. Calling other ships is free of charge. The radio has "marine-bands".  When she ship is away from land you can  use the e mail adress GDWJ followed by  Tell your familly not to resend old messages, as the system is working VERY slow. It is free of charge.


The ship has allso "spot messenger" to send possitions to family (free).

Satellitradio; in the Caribien: 00871 764 025 676        Satellitradio out of order for the time beeing !
in the Pacific Ocean: 00874 764 025 676

You can always use the satellite radio to make calls from and to the ship. (3 US $/min). Allthough the radio is normally only switched on while we're at sea.

Internet address : Denne emailadresse er beskyttet mod programmer som samler emailadresser. Du skal aktivere javascript for at kunne se adressen.     Phone: 45 50652700

At sea: It is now possible to send and recive e-mail via SSB with Pactor 3. And the webmail will be open, at least once a week. 


VHF: There's a VHF with DSC onboard.   MMSI NO.,  : 235360000 

Epirb.  There's also an EPIRB 406/121,5