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Always apply for the nescessary visas well ahead, and make sure your passport

is valid for at least another 6 months. 


Pls. have the shots you need prior to departure. When in doubt about what you need, call the International Vaccination Center at +45 33320832. Or you may contact the 'Rejsemedicinsk Klinik' in Aarhus

at +45 86122085.


Certain areas are plagued by malaria, denguefeber and other unpleasantness. When visiting such areas merely bringing moscito repellant will not suffice. You'll need DEET (diethyltoluamid) or DMP (dimethyl phthalat) as a precaution,regardless of what the authorities may tell you. You'll need to ask your psysician for advice, and get a prescription for malaria tablets.



Make sure you bring US dollars. Could you - if needed - arrange for a money transfer ? Are you set up for internetbanking ?


If you're into scuba diving you'll want to take out a special diver's insurance. You will have to have your own insurance for your stay in the boat .


You might want to bring a thin mattress in case you want to sleep on deck. Pls. bring 2 bedsheets and a handtowel. The ship provides blankets.

Long pants provide good protection in moscito plagued areas, and they're nice on cool evenings. Don't go overboard when you pack your raingear, and remember when it comes to bringing clothes to a cruise such as ours: less is more ! Don't forget moscito repellant, lemon oil, sunoil and the like.