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It is imperative, that everyone familiarises themselves with the emergency procedures shortly after arrival . This is for the common safety.

We must all try to keep the shared areas tidy. Pls. confine your mess to your own bunk. You can be as messy as you please there.

Smoking is OK on deck - but not allowed below deck. And reefer is banned at alle times. In fact smoking funny weed on board results in immerdiate discharge with no refund! This is for security reasons - and it's not up for discussion.

It's important to rinse off the salt after swimming in the ocean BEFORE going below deck. Allthough we should be carefull not to waste our freshwater supplies. Whatever equipment used in the water should also be rinsed for salt before it's replaced. In short we do not want salt below deck.

Always flush after using the toilet. Even the boys/ men should use sit down while using the facilities.

We'll need to save the light at night. And pls. turn off the main gas-switch after use.

The portholes should be kept closed while at sea.

You may invite the new friends that you make ashore on board during the daytime. But they cannot sleep over !

When the ship is anchored at least one person should stay on board whenever possible.

The dingy is to be pulled up on deck by nightfall after use.