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gastWhat defines a 'Gast' sailor onboard the Celtic Avenger ? A 'Gast' sailor is akin to a any other sailor, exept for the fact that he/ she will have to pay for his/ her food, fuel, etc.

What separates a 'Gast' sailor from a regular passenger is the fact that he/she playes an active role onboard participating in the daily tasks.

Of course one might view it as if we'd all borrowed the ship - in that case, we'd have to return it in the same state we'd received it. Say a capstan doesn't work - such problems do not only affect the captain but the entire crew. And together we must take it apart, clean it, oil it and make it work again.

By the same token if the side of the ship gets dirty, we must all participate in cleaning it.

In other words: when the ship's moored you don't nescessarily take the day off - we have to arrange for someone to stand guard and do the nescessary maintenance work on board.