How to join? Udskriv


First of all you need to Denne emailadresse er beskyttet mod programmer som samler emailadresser. Du skal aktivere javascript for at kunne se adressen. to find out if there are any openings.

You could talk to former guests or contact the FTLF You may send us your application or ask us a few questions via email, phone or SMS.


10-20 Euro per day.

The purpose of this cruise is not to make the owners rich - but having said that we still have to charge you 10-20 Euro per day. This fee goes towards the upkeep of the ship: repairs, paint, sails etc., and the fee may

be reduced if you're willing to participate in some maintenance work on board. We're referring to tasks which would otherwise be done by the shipyard.

Apart from that, we all contribute to a common 'lunch box' with 6-8 US $ per day. This amount covers the running expenses for food, diesel, port declarations, and port stay. This does not include wine, beer and other

alcoholic beverages.

Our contract is considered binding after you've payed for the first month (which amounts to approx.30x20 euro = 600 Euro)

Upon boarding the ship you'll have to either show us a return ticket or proof that you have sufficient funds to pay for your return journey. You will have to make payments in advance.

Looking forward to hearing from you !